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Essays and Articles

Introductory Zen Reading List - compiled by Sessei Meg Levie

by Taigen Dan Leighton

Zazen as Enactment Ritual
Article for the forthcoming book, Zen Rituals: Studies of Zen Theory in Practice, edited by Steven Heine and Dale Wright

"Meeting Our Ancestors of the Future"
Published in "Shambhala Sun," September, 1996, as "Now is the Past of the Future."

Dogen's Appropriation of Lotus Sutra Ground and Space
published in "Japanese Journal of Religious Studies," vol. 32, no. 1, 2005.

"Sacred Fools and Monastic Rules: Zen Rule-Bending and the Training for Pure Hearts"
from the book, PURITY OF HEART AND CONTEMPLATION: A Monastic Dialogue Between Christian and Asian Traditions, edited by Bruno Barnhart and Joseph Wong. Reprinted by permission of The Continuum International Publishing Group.

Huayan Buddhism and the Phenomenal Universe of the Flower Ornament Sutra
From the fall 2006 "Buddhadharma" magazine

"Unalienable Rights, Mahayana Inclusivity, and Right Livelihood"
Article for the Journal "Bridges: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theology, Philosophy, History, and Science" Volume 13, number 3/4; Fall/Winter 2006; "The Value of Buddhism for Contemporary Western Society"

Power and Love in the Intermediate Realm:
Buddhist Reflections on "Ghost."

From the book of essays, There is No Spoon: Buddhism at the Movies, edited by Michael Wenger, forthcoming from Wisdom Publications

Zen and the Art of Teaching:
Buddhist Reflections on "Searching for Bobby Fischer"

From the book of essays, There is No Spoon: Buddhism at the Movies, edited by Michael Wenger, forthcoming from Wisdom Publications

"Hongzhi, Dogen and the Background of Shikan taza"
Preface to The Art of Just Sitting, edited by Daido Loori, Wisdom Publications, 2002.

Buddhism in the West and Liberation as Eternal Vigilance
From a forthcoming issue of "Dharma World" magazine, published in Japan, © Kosei Publishing Company

"American Buddhist Values and the Practice of Enlightened Patriotism"
from the Fall, 2004 "Turning Wheel," the journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

"In Praise of Bodhisattva Vows"
Article for a book on Bodhisattva Vows; to be published in Germany, and in German, 2002.

"Reflections on Translating Dogen"
Published in "Dharma Eye" Journal of the Soto Zen Education Center, © 2000

"Dogen's Cosmology of Space and the Practice of Self-fulfillment"
Excerpted from the forthcoming "Pacific World" journal

"Dylan And Dogen Masters of Spirit and Words"
with Steven Heine
Published in "Kyoto Journal," No. 39, 1999

"An Introduction to Skillful Means"

"The Lotus Sutra as a Source for Dogen's Discourse Style"
Paper for an academic conference on "Discourse and Rhetoric in the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism"
-held at Green Gulch Farm, Fall, 2001

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