Mountain Source Sangha was founded in 1994 by Taigen Dan Leighton. The Bolinas and San Francisco groups continue to meet at their original locations. The former San Rafael group has merged with Layla Smith Bockhorst’s Mountain Root Sangha and now meets in Corte Madera.

From the beginning, Mountain Source’s goal has been to provide an opportunity for Zen Buddhist meditation, education and community, in a less formal, neighborly setting.

In 2008, Taigen Dan Leighton relocated to Chicago and founded the Ancient Dragon Zen Gate sangha. Since that time, the Mountain Source groups have been led, individually and collaboratively, by Kiku Christina Lehnherr, Kokyo Henkel, Shinko Rick Slone and Sesei Meg Levie.

The three sitting locations are now led by Teishin Layla Smith Bockhorst in Corte Madera and Anbo Stuart Kutchins in Bolinas. The San Francisco group is organized by Ido Dan Gudgel, a lay practitioner.

The sangha is tended by a volunteer board of directors, which meets quarterly. All meetings are open to the public.